Online Sermons

Online Sermons

Jesus the Passover

Series: Gospel of John

John 6

Jesus turned water to wine just before the 1st passover (Jn. 1:1-11), passover 2:13. Jesus points this first sign to the cross, "my hour has not yet come" (Jn.2:4).

Jesus feed the multitudes with bread just before the 2nd passover in John (John 6:1-14), passover John 6:4.

Jesus becomes the passover at the last passover in John, (John 11:55, 19:32-36), they didn't break his legs according to the passover rules (Exo.12:46).

Jesus provides the wine and bread, and in John 6 he promises to give his flesh (John 6:51). Jesus is the new passover. Unless we eat his flesh and drink his bloood we have no life in ourselves (John 6:52-58), here is the "meaning" of the Lord's Supper. In the Lord's Supper we are to remember Jesus, even as the Jews remembered the passover. Jesus has provided the wine and bread, which is his flesh (body). This is the meaning of the Life of Christ, not litteral bread,wine, and flesh, but metaphorical. -John 6:63 “ It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing;  the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life." Let us eat the words of Jesus, it is his spirit and life. Let us remember Jesus.


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