Online Sermons

Online Sermons

Jesus in Zechariah

Here we look at the prophecies of Zechariah concerning Jesus. Jesus is mentioned by name (Joshua-Hebrew/Greek-Jesus), who will be called "servant" and "branch" (chapter 3:8-9). Who will be King and Priest at the same time (6:11-15). He will come mounted on a colt of a donkey (9:9). He will begin to shepherd a flock doomed to be slaughtered (11:4, 7), but they rejected him and he rejected them (11:8-11). He asked for his wages for shepherding, 30 pcs of silver, which he refused so they were thrown down in the temple of the Lord, but they picked them up and gave them to the potter. (Mat.27:3-10). Then they will "look on Me whom they pierced" and mourn deeply afterwards (Zech. 12:10-14), but this will cause a fountain to open for "sin and impurity" (13:1). They will strike this shephered, "My Associsate",(13:7). Then he will be king "over all the earth" (14:9).

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