Godly Men Raising Godly Children

I know this is a loaded title.  It seems to suggest that a man must walk on water to be a good dad.  But godly men aren’t perfect, they love God and that love motivates them to do their best to please Him.  Study what the Scriptures teach us to instill in our children and you will find a portrait of what we all should look like.  The most powerful lessons our children learn from us are those we teach by example.

We are told that young Jesus “kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52).  Fathers must be intent on raising young adults who are devoted to God and knowledgeable in His word; who love their families and are committed to providing for them; who demonstrate their love for all people by consistently acting in the best interest of others.  In short, we want our kids to grow up to be spiritually minded, productive, humble and kind.

A boy looks to his father as a model of what a man is supposed to be.  If he is fortunate to have a father in his life who works hard to provide for the family, who treats women with honor and respect and who makes the community in which he lives a better place, he is likely to conclude that real men behave that way.  Sadly, too many young men in today’s society are deprived of healthy role models, resulting in twisted, distorted notions of what it means to be a man.

But when healthy male role models are absent from the home, boys are not the only victims.  While sons tend to grow into men who exhibit the character of their fathers, daughters develop an image of the “typical” male.  When a father abandons the family, girls often assume that’s just the way men are.  When a father or mom’s boyfriend is abusive, a daughter may be attracted to abusive men.  Low self-esteem combined with low expectations is a destructive combination that can ruin a young lady’s life.

Jesus taught that those who ignore His teachings are building their lives on shifting sand (Matthew 7:26-27).  I would suggest that far too many lives are in shambles because folks are not only rejecting Jesus’ sayings, but they are leading their children into self-destructive lifestyles at the same time.

But the good news is that any person of any background can break the cycle by turning to Jesus and making Him the Lord of their life.  Any person can become a blessing to everyone around them by modeling the life and teachings of Christ.  If you do, there is a bonus; future generations will benefit from your godly influence and all will be the better for it.